Inauguration of new purpose-built Habia Cable factory in Poland

Last week, on 14 September, Habia Cable Poland were joined by Habia group CEO Carl Modigh as they celebrated the opening of their brand new production facility.

Inauguration of new purpose-built Habia Cable harness factory in Doluje, Poland
On wednesday 14 September Carl Modigh, CEO, cut the ribbon to the new harness production faciltiy in Doluje, Poland.

The new premises have been purpose-built to meet growing demand and allow further expansion of the harness production factory, which has experienced strong growth in recent years.

“Since 2015, our turnover has been growing by 17% per year on average. In recent years, we’ve seen growing demand for large projects and a ramping up of orders from customers across the defence, industrial and offshore sectors. We were simply reaching the limits of what we were able to deliver in terms of scale,” explains Agnieszka Pawlowska, Managing Director of Habia Cable Poland.

“Flexibility and fast turn-around for our customers have always been a priority for us, and a competitive advantage we take pride in. The new infrastructure and tailored space open up a great deal of possibilities – not only to develop and produce more, but also to increase our stock of components.

The new factory has also been built to meet high safety measures over and above national legal regulations, as well as offer more sustainable, energy-efficient operations – a welcome addition as energy prices soar. Solar panels will produce up to 20% of the facility’s power needs, while waste heat from the compressors will be used to help heat the warehouse in the colder months and a rainwater tank will provide water for the green spaces.

Habia employees will also have plenty to look forward to in the new premises – not only more space and organization for their day-to-day work and equipment, but also new shared facilities to enjoy such as a modern canteen, sleek conference rooms, charging for electric vehicles and outdoor spaces for social activities in the summer months.

“Personally, I’m excited to be in a modern factory that matches the quality of our products and the work we do. It’s a facility we can really take pride in when welcoming our customers,” says Agnieszka.

The relocation of all departments will take place between 21st October and 1st November 2022.

“It is amazing it was able to be completed on time and close to the budget despite delays and challenges due to the pandemic, material shortages and price increases. I really appreciate the efforts made by our General Contractor, PTB Nickel, our supervising engineers from KREFT Engineering and our Habia employees – my thanks and congratulations to all who took part in making this a success!”

The new factory is in Doluje, not far from the previous factory located outside of Szczecin in north-west Poland.

Photos: Patrycja Harasimowicz

23 September 2022