Heat resisting cables

It can get quite hot on our planet. For example, the Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone reaches water temperatures of up to 237 degrees Celsius. And in Hawaii, lava temperatures of around 1,200 degrees Celsius have already been measured during volcanic eruptions of Kilauea or Mauna Loa.


While the temperatures mentioned above are of natural origin, the temperatures to which cables and wires are exposed in industrial environments often reach similar ranges in the environment of welding robots, inside production plants or heating elements. Here, particularly heat-resistant cables and wires are required that can fulfill their intended purpose to 100%, even under harsh and adverse conditions.

For applications exposed to temperatures from 150 °C upwards, Habia/HEW develops and manufactures high-temperature resistant cables that are used in demanding environments.

  • We offer a variety of high-temperature cables which include:
  • Optimized silicone cables for application temperatures up to 200 °C,
  • Glass-fiber cables for application temperatures up to 550°C as well as
  • Extremely heat-resistant special cables for continuous temperatures of up to 800 °C or peak temperatures of up to 1550 °C.

In addition to their excellent thermal properties, our customized cable solutions meet the highest demands for flexibility, mechanical strength and extended service life.

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