Military cables made to VG 95218, Def Stan 61-12 and BS 3G 210

Whether in air, on land, or in the sea, our military cables are designed for maximum performance regardless of the physical, thermal and chemical conditions they may face. Our military-grade products meet some of the toughest specifications in the world.


Wires and cable solutions for air and land forces

Our BS 3G 210 and VG 95218 product ranges use high specification materials to ensure thin wall insulation and jacketing, and is used extensively in military and industrial applications where fuel resistance and a wide temperature range are required. The VG 95218 range of single and multicore cables holds VDE approval, and includes a range of cables suitable for the high temperatures, vibration, oils and fuels associated with fighting vehicles.

Cables for naval applications

Designed to meet the British Defence Standards: 61-12 Part 9, Part 18 and Part 25 our cables provide an impressive balance of rugged performance and halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) properties for submarines and surface ships.

Cables to the VG 95218-29 specification have an intended use as submarine outboard cables. These are pressure resistant and partially water-blocked for use up to 61 bars, as defined by the shipyards.

Tailor-made for your needs

Our military cables are available from a standard range, or as a tailor-made solution.

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Custom cable solutions