High voltage cables

As a leading expert on technology and innovation for automotive manufacturers and system suppliers, we specializes in the development and manufacture of high voltage cables for electric mobility.


Our HV cables are extremely flexible, extraordinarily temperature-resistant and mechanically highly resilient. The wide range of possible cross-sections makes possible a variety of many different applications.

For Vehicles with Electric or Hybrid Drive

Our high voltage cables are used wherever vehicles rely on electric drives, for example. Starting with electrically powered two-wheelers, cars, buses and fuel cell vehicles, our high-voltage-resistant cables can also be found in trucks, agricultural vehicles, industrial trucks and construction vehicles.

Fully Charged into a Secure Future  

HV cables fulfil various tasks in electric and hybrid vehicles. As charging cables, they connect the charging station to the battery and continue from there to the electric motor. In parallel, large consumers such as air conditioning, heating, battery heating are also operated with high voltage.
Our high-voltage cables guarantee the optimum and safe distribution of high voltage to all relevant components and electrical consumers in e-vehicles. Each cable is precisely matched to the vehicle type and the ambient conditions.

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