Creating solutions beyond the ordinary

At Habia, we believe everything can be made better, stronger and more effective. For over 80 years, we’ve been committed to innovation and continue to dedicate a significant amount of resources to research and development (R&D).

Across our R&D teams, you’ll find some of the most experienced scientists and engineers in the cable industry - material scientists, electrical engineers and specialist designers. At Habia, R&D capabilities and resources are incorporated at both the local and global level, to best support our customers and business.

Industry-leading cable innovation

Our global R&D, with bases in both Sweden and Germany, is responsible for inventing new technology, finding new materials, establishing new routines and processes and setting new standards. This work is supported by a series of laboratories, all equipped with a wide variety of instruments and advanced technology for cable evaluation.

Our expertise includes the construction of complex cable components, polymer materials and electrical engineering, including the testing and measurement of specific properties and the functionality of finished products.

In addition to our global R&D, we also have a separate R&D team of interconnect specialists located in our cable harness production facility in Poland.

Technical expertise at your doorstep

Moving on to the local level, we also have R&D capabilities in our product development teams. These engineers, located in each of our factories, act as the first link between our customers and our technical solutions. They use well-established technology – materials and techniques – to solve customer requirements, playing an active role in day-to-day customer operations and collaborating closely with other product development engineers across the company to create the best possible solutions for every customer. 

These engineers are responsible for discovering new testing methods for materials and cable properties, exploring new ways to combine materials to enhance performance and developing entirely new solutions and materials to take our customers applications beyond the ordinary.