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00006467-QMS-ENGUS-UKAS_HabiaCable147.76 KB
About the product // ApprovalsList of key approvals manufactured by Habia Cable76.17 KB
About the product // Cable handlingCurrent de-rating and safe handling information108.09 KB
About the product // ConductorsAWG vs Metric conversion and conductor resistances91.92 KB
About the product // Delivery spoolsSpool dimension and weights430.48 KB
About the product // Minimum Bend Radius (MBR)Recommendations for cable movement44.15 KB
About the product // TerminologyCommon abbreviations and their definitions45.99 KB
BFOU - P105 Multicores(P5/P12) EPR+Mica insulated, SHF2 MUD sheathed, screened LSZH multicores to NEK TS 606346.14 KB
BS3G210 // B-E600V, +190 deg C, PTFE insulated cores to BS3G210148.76 KB
BS3G210 // B-E NPC600V, +260 deg C, PTFE insulated cores to BS3G210148.93 KB
BS3G210 // B-E-ST600V, PTFE insulated, shielded multicores to BS3G210309.63 KB
BS3G210 // B-E-STE600V, PTFE insulated and sheathed, shielded multicores to BS3G210282.95 KB