Heating Cables - Guaranteed to Maintain the Right Temperature

Heating cables are always necessary when systems or materials need to be protected from the cold or when production processes require certain temperatures. For these purposes, Habia offers a wide range of heating cables, heating lines and pipe trace heating systems for a wide variety of applications. By converting energy into heat, our heating cables primarily protect fluid-carrying lines from frost. Our heating cables are also able to maintain constant temperatures in heat engineering processes.


Heating Cables - Guaranteed to Maintain the Right Temperature

Whether under harsh environmental conditions, high temperature loads, aggressive chemicals or even within potentially explosive zones - heating cables from Habia safely ensure the functioning of your heating systems!

Typical applications of our self-heating cables are for example:

  • Pipelines
  • The process industry
  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction

Heating Cables - to Ensure that Everything Goes According to Plan

With the help of our flexible heating cables, a constant heating power can be supplied along pipelines, machine parts, equipment, or materials. These cables are also used to keep water-carrying pipes in industrial environments frost-free and protect machines or equipment from damage and breakdowns.

In addition to maintaining the temperature of piping systems, our heating cables are ideal for creating stable thermal process conditions. Heating cables compensate for heat losses and prevent unwanted cooling of materials that are difficult to re-melt once hardened.
Inside the pipelines, our unique pipe trace heating systems ensure smooth movement by maintaining a specific interior temperature at all times.

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