Smart Everything – Smart Everywhere!

The world is growing more connected and smarter. Sensors are part of the technological basis and are used wherever physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, force, acceleration or filling level are electronically measured, tested, monitored and automated. The sensor measures an actual value and forwards it to a data processing system via a sensor cable.


Smart Industry, Smart Home, Smart Car. There is hardly an area in which sensors are not used. This is why you find sensor cables and sensor lines from Habia

  • In process control
  • In mechanical and plant engineering
  • In robotics
  • In the oil and gas industry
  • In wind turbines
  • In vehicles
  • In aerospace engineering
  • In railway technology and
  • In many other industrial, medical or scientific institutions

Sometimes the measuring lines are exposed to temperatures of more than 260 °C and aggressive media, in other areas the challenge is to transmit very small signals that can nevertheless be reliably evaluated and thus enable secure control. As a manufacturer of specialised cables, Habia has adapted precisely to these changing conditions with custom-fit cable concepts and combinations of material.

Flexible and Reliable in All Areas

We develops and produces application-specific sensor cables for measurement and control technology.

We manufacture our cables to the highest standards and ensure compliance with standards, safety regulations and manufacturer specifications.

Flexible and robust solutions ensure that measurement data and signals are transmitted loss-free,

Safely and reliably – no matter what the environment.

Depending on the application and the requirements, our sensor cables are resistant to:

  • Mechanical effects such as bending, friction, vibration and torsion
  • Liquids, oils, greases, chemicals, disinfectants
  • Heat and/or cold
  • Flames, flying sparks
  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Effects of environmental factors, e.g. UV radiation
  • Sensor cables ensure excellent signal quality – even in adverse

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