Defence connectivity solutions for any mission

Since the 1970s, Habia has been an active partner to the defence sector, providing a wide variety of military-grade cable and harness solutions for radars, weapon stations, vehicles, ships, sonars, drones, satellites, and much more. In close collaboration with leading military partners and suppliers, we have a strong track record of meeting the needs of the most demanding applications. Together we solve connectivity challenges in the defence industry and enable the technologies of the future.

Connectivity challenges

When durability and safety are key

Whether in the air, sea or on land – all cables and harnesses must deliver optimal performance – regardless of physical, thermal, pressure, and chemical impact. This means that cables and harnesses must perform to their maximum ability. That’s why we combine the right materials to ensure high flexibility and exceptional current carrying capabilities – without compromising on durability. 

Future-proof command and control systems 

In the defence sector, one of the main challenges is developing secure command and control systems. These systems make it possible for future soldiers, platforms, and forces to retrieve and provide accurate information at precisely the right moment. In such systems, it's crucial to have reliable, high-quality cable solutions that never fail to deliver.

Safety is always a key priority

Safeguarding human life through the right platforms, materials and technologies is of paramount importance. Low-smoke, halogen free and flame retardant are typical features of our defence solutions, and we have extensive experience in safety-first cables and harnesses for air, land and naval forces. This includes customised solutions for aircrafts, submarines, surface ships and vehicles. Our low-weight and compact designs allow for optimal space utilisation in close quarters.

Compact and made to standard

Details matter, especially when it comes to safe, highly flexible, and lightweight cable and harness solutions in close quarters. Our low-weight and compact designs allow for optimal space utilisation, especially in confined spaces. This includes robust, high transmission and energy-efficient communication and radar systems, as well as weapon systems that enhance interoperability, upgrades, and modernisation.

For decades Habia has collaborated with customers to develop next-generation connectivity solutions that meet stringent VG standards. Our team of cable and harness experts can also help develop, write and document these stringent requirements. This ensures tailored solutions that not only meet your exact needs, but also adhere to the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Flexible EPD solutions, fast prototypes

Customers appreciate our flexibility, speed, and expertise. This includes quick R&D input to develop completely new solutions such as harnesses, or creating smaller, more compact, and lighter designs. We also specialise in developing VG-certified fire-resistant cables.

Whatever the challenge, we tailor durable solutions that perform optimally under physical, thermal, chemical, or other stressors. Our highly experienced R&D team further supports your Engineering Product Design (EPD) with rapid prototyping turnarounds.

For more information about our capabilities and approvals, download our Defence Capability Flyer.