Tapes (binders) and fillers

Tapes, or binders, and fillers are applied to improve flexibility or roundness of the cable, to protect the insulation or sheath, or to ease production.

Tapes or binders are typically made of nonwoven polyester or, when higher temperature is required, of PTFE. Several other options are also available to meet the specific requirements of:

  • electrical screening at high temperatures
  • reduced electrical noise and interference
  • improved fire performance
  • providing magnetic shielding
  • high temperatures and high radiation
  • reducing water permeation
  • improving both the overall flexibility and flex-life of the cable
  • preventing wear and tear to the cores within the cable as it is flexed
  • enabling the sheath to be removed with relative ease


There are two primary types of filler used by Habia; HT (High Temperature) and LT (Low Temperature).

HT fillers can withstand the full temperature range of Habia’s other materials. They are also soft, allowing for deformation within the cable that is necessary for dynamic use.

LT fillers are used in the majority of cables and applications in the nominal to moderate temperature range.

In addition to these common types, there are a number of other variations that can offer specific performance advantages, such as:

  • improved flexibility and better temperature range
  • better electrical stability
  • reduced water permeation

At Habia, we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom cables and harnesses for demanding applications. With access to a wide range of materials, our experienced designers can advise on the ideal tapes, binders and fillers for your specific application.