Solutions for Extreme Operating Conditions

For guaranteed safe cabling of your wind turbines, We are by your side! Quickly and accurately - our full-service custom solutions have been developed specifically for the extreme operating conditions of wind-based power generation.


With more than 50 years of experience, we offer reliable and durable cabling solutions for various wind power applications, such as:

  • Electric power generators
  • Rotor de-icing systems
  • Rotor braking systems
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Lightning protection

Our Products and Services Include ...

  • Data Cable wind power
  • Data Cables
  • Shielded cables
  • Bus cables
  • Sensor cables
  • Drive control
  • Control Lines
  • Control of actuators (motors)
  • Signal transmission of the fire alarm system
  • Signal transmission of the slip ring
  • Power Cable, Servo Cable
  • Servo Lines / Power Lines
  • Power supply of the actuators
  • Transmission of power currents
  • Hybrid Cable
  • Hybrid Lines
  • Combination of different applications in a single line (e.g. control and power line)

Cables and lines
Customized Cables According to Individual Customer Requirements. We offer customized special cables in quantities as low as 110 yards.

Read more about our wind energy solutions at our HEW-Kabel website