Fire resistant cables and wires - Habiaflame™

The Habiaflame™ product range consists of fire resistant and flame retardant cables and wires, that can operate in 1565°C.


Our fire resistant cables and wires are intended for use in extreme environments where high temperature and mechanical resistance are critical.

The Habiaflame™ product range consists of fire resistant and flame retardant cables and wires that can operate in temperatures up to 1565°C. Originally designed to withstand the rigours of steel production, our fire resistant cables are also often used within safety critical systems as they can continue to operate throughout a fire.

A long operational life

The material combination used within the Habiaflame™ concept doesn’t rely on extruded plastics. Instead, a robust combination of tapes and braids ensures insulation integrity even under harshest conditions. This rugged approach means that the maintenance schedule can be extended significantly when compared to a conventional cable.

Superior strength and performance

Due to the extremely high mechanical performance and temperature resistance of these cables they are ideal for use in emergency systems and for applications in heavy industry.

Quick installation

Our fire resistant cables do not normally require any other form of protective enclosure and can remain completely exposed, making installation and visual inspections quicker and easier.

Halogen-free options

In addition, a completely halogen-free solution to our Habiaflame™ product range: the RVH cable, is available. This solution is ideal for situations where people or sensitive equipment may be present.

Tailor-made for your needs

With many possible combinations of size, colour, number of cores, armouring etc., our fire resistant cables and wires are custom designed and tailored to meet your specific needs.