Marine-grade certified cables and harnesses for offshore vessels, ROVs, oil pumps and electrically trace heated pipe-in-pipe systems. Solutions resistant to hydrostatic pressure, mechanical stress, and exposure to mud and oil. High reliability and performance.


Let us take the pressure off 

Things like hydrostatic pressure, mechanical stress, and exposure to mud and oil are day-to-day challenges in marine and offshore operations. Thankfully, our cables and harnesses ensure reliability and high performance in the toughest marine environments.

Solutions for a smarter future

Subsea and offshore equipment requires more electrical power to complete more demanding tasks. For example, transmitting power over long distances, sometimes in high temperatures or in adverse chemical and mechanical environments, is a challenge.

Thanks to our Zeroarc™ insulation system, we’re now able to create and deliver more durable, compact cable solutions, solving many challenges. This is a game changer for subsea and offshore power needs.

From science to shipping 

Our experience in the marine sector is vast and varied. We’ve developed solutions for many areas in the marine industry, from ship engines to seismic systems for scientific research. But all of our marine solutions have one thing in common: they can be tailored to meet your every requirement.