Fibre optic cable systems assuring high-quality connectivity

The communication applications of today demand higher performance, quality and reliability than ever before. To meet these requirements, fibre optics are often incorporated into cable harnesses or cable systems.


Fibre optic cable systems work by transmitting information in the form of pulses of light - or photons - along a glass or plastic fibre, no thicker than a hair shaft in diameter, and can offer greater speed and bandwidth than copper cable solutions. Fibre optics also experience less interference and signal degradation than copper, while being both thinner and lighter.  

At Habia Cable, we offer pure fibre or hybrid harnesses (made with both fibre optics and copper) to ensure high-quality connectivity over long distances. The manufacturing of fibre optic harnesses is demanding, requiring a high level of precision and care to prevent contamination by dust and other particles. 

Our team of specialists at our cable harness factory in Poland uses cutting-edge equipment in a controlled, dust-free laboratory. Before delivery, all our fibre optic harnesses are subjected to meticulous testing.