Custom cable harnesses and systems, tailored to your your needs

At Habia, we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing cable harnesses and systems to perform in the harshest environmental conditions. Over the years, we have built up significant knowledge across a range of sectors, including industrial, defense, offshore and marine

We regularly design custom cable harnesses for a variety of different applications, including: 

Find out more below about our capabilities, the services and techniques we offer for designing, manufacturing and testing your ideal cable harness or system. 

Custom tooling and workshop services

Supported by our modern CNC machines, our workshop services mean we can accommodate any customer requirement, no matter how unusual. 

With the ability to make our own tools, we decrease production time for our custom-designed cable harness projects. The use of fixtures also guarantees high quality and easy replicability, ensuring our customer’s requirements are met for every delivery, time after time.