Cable materials and components

After over 80 years in the business, we’re experts in finding the perfect combination of cable materials and components to create the best solution for you. Explore the key components and common material choices below.

Image of plastic material

There any many cable materials and components to choose from when it comes to designing and manufacturing cable solutions. At Habia, our innovative research and development teams have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to material science and the electrical engineering of cables and harnesses.

The right cable material for any application

Whether it’s selecting the best metals and strandings to use as a high-performance conductor, or finding the right polymer insulation to meet challenges like extreme heat or radiation, our cable design experts will lead you in the right direction. We have a deep understanding of the properties and functionality required to meet a customer’s needs – and how to select or create the specific cable materials and components necessary to bring those properties to life.

Learn more about some of the components and material types used in cables and harnesses by browsing the categories below.