Signal cables

Small multicores with ETFE, FEP, PTFE or HFI insulations and sheaths, made to standards.


Signal cables are typically small multicores, usually with between one and four cores of a smaller size (e.g. 30 AWG to 12 AWG). They are available either with or without shielding, and are ideal products for use in cabinets and in semi-protected equipment such as vehicles and shelters.

Manufacturing to a standard

There are five main concepts offered by Habia as signal cabling, covering everything from airframe use to general industry and even halogen free, flame retardant options:

  • B-STE: PTFE insulated and sheathed cables approved to BS 3G 210.
  • D-STB: HFI 140 insulated, HFI 150 sheathed cables designed to Habia's own guidelines but based on the internal elements that make up Def Stan 61-12 Part 25.
  • E-STK: PTFE insulated and FEP sheathed cables made in accordance with MIL-27500.
  • KU TYPES: ETFE insulated and sheathed cables made in accordance with NF C 93-524.
  • Z-STZ: ETFE insulated and sheathed cables made in accordance with MIL-27500

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