Customized and innovative solutions for the automotive industry

Customised wires and cables for exhaust aftertreatment and brake sensors. Heating wires for various applications in cars. Cables for electric and hybrid cars as well as trucks or various driver assistance systems.


Habia develops and manufactures customized solutions for mass production that help meet the growing demands in the automotive industry.

Our products cover a broad range of applications and can be used particularly in demanding environments, such as the large field of exhaust aftertreatment, high-voltage technology for electric and hybrid vehicles or various driver assistance systems:

  • Lambda and NOx sensor lines
  • AdBlue®-resistant lines for SCR systems
  • Lines for brake pad wear sensors
  • Transmission lines
  • High-voltage lines for hybrid technology

If we do not already have a suitable product in our portfolio, we are happy to design the ideal customized solution for you. Please feel free to reach out and our team would be happy to assist you.


HV cables from HEW are extremely flexible, extremely temperature-resistant and mechanically highly resilient. The wide range of possible cross-sections makes it possible to implement a wide variety of applications.

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