Flat cables

A wide range of different applications requires cable solutions with extremely small bending radiuses and a highly efficient cable setup. This is where flat cables made offer the ideal solution. We develop and manufacture flat cables that are precisely tailored to your unique requirements and needs. From simple, symmetrical ribbon cables to complex hybrid constructions.


What Is a Flat Cable?

Flat cables have a wide range of functions and properties can be used for a variety of applications. However, they all have one thing in common: In contrast to conventional round cables, the individual cores of a flat cable are arranged parallel to each other.

Flat cables are used whenever a fast, space-saving, and uncomplicated connection of electronic components is required.

Highly Efficient Cable Constructions With Extremely Low Bending Radiuses

With its PTFE flat cables, Habia offers ultra-flexible solutions with low dead weight that can withstand the highest loads. This is why our flat cables are particularly in demand for application in highly sensitive environments such as clean rooms. Especially in medical or microsystems technology such cables are highly convenient. Other areas of application include the military, aerospace, control systems, robotics and the automotive industry.

Our flat cables do not require a drag chain as a guide. This minimizes running noise and enables smooth, vibration-free movement. High-performance materials with reduced inherent abrasion also ensure a longer service life. Hybrid cable assemblies enable the simultaneous transmission of energy, data, signals, gases, liquids, or light.