Sensor cables

Habiasense™ - our cable range specifically made for measurement equipment.


Sensor cables are often called on to operate in the harshest of environments. Whether your sensor is measuring acceleration, level and flow, metrology, pressure, proximity, radiation or toxic fumes, the chances are your cable will have to withstand everything from high and low end temperature exposure, vibration, movement and chemical exposure.

Targeted approach with five concepts

Each of the five Habiasense™ concepts comes with its own strengths and benefits to ensure you get all the properties you need without paying for the ones you don't.

For the extremes - Habiasense™ HT

The HT range is geared primarily around extreme temperature performance (low or high) and chemical resistance. Three tiers are available with HT5 providing the best possible electrical and temperature profile.  HT6 offers a mid level product ideally suited to production in longer lengths while HT7 is intended as an entry level product primarily aimed at chemical resistance.

Halogen-free options: Habiasense™ ZH

The ZH types are intended for use in general industry and populated areas.  ZH1 has perhaps the best fire, smoke and toxicity performance available, along with considerable chemical resistance properties. ZH2 is the entry level product and uses our rugged, all-round performance sheath material.

Tailor-made for your needs

The Habiasense™ product range can be made as low-noise, or super-low-noise cables; with specific core- and sheath colours, or even as water-blocked versions. Let us know your specific need - whatever it is, we can build it.

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