Helping reinvent mass transportation: KTH Hyperloop pod unveiled

On 10 June 2023, sponsors, alumni and students from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden gathered at the Integrated Transport Research Laboratory (ITRL) to celebrate the unveiling of the KTH Hyperloop’s completed pod.

Hyperloop Team

Hyperloop is a high-speed rail system which operates with capsules or ‘pods’ moving through tubes. As announced in our previous news item, Habia have sponsored the team of students in their endeavours to help bring this futuristic mode of mass transportation to reality. Naturally, the components and materials used are vital for advanced transport applications such as these.

“Hyperloop pods rely on the electrical components and sensors cooperating to make the pod travel safely and efficiently at around supersonic speeds,” explains Leo Sjöberg, co-captain of the KTH Hyperloop Team.

“If we can’t rely on the connection between components and or sensors, it will not be possible to achieve. Habia cables give us the reliable link we need between components, so we do not have to take faulty connections into account. Their products take a key role in helping us make our pod more sophisticated and advanced in the future.”

The evolution of the KTH Hyperloop pod

Since the start of the year, the team has been focused on building a simpler but fully operational pod which can then be upgraded with additional features over time. They worked on making their previous designs easier to manufacture by hand, and as a result, were able to launch their working prototype at the unveiling – including demonstrating the pod running on a section of structural beam (I-beam). 

Now that the pod is operational, the focus for the remainder of the year is to run tests and measure its performance, and work on developing upgrade packages to improve it. They will also improve the interior cabling and manufacture a sleek-looking shell for the pod, to complete its appearance, and plan to bring the pod to compete at European Hyperloop Week next year. 

Find out more about KTH Hyperloop here.

04 September 2023