Harnbraid - the screening your wires deserve

You have worked hard to craft your wire bundle for that specific, extreme application and now you’re looking around your workbench for the right kind of electrical screening. All braids are the same, right?

Harnbraid from Habia is different in all the ways that count: the material, the precision of the braiding and not least in the flexible Habia blue LDPE tube former, which has reduced impact on the environment compared to traditional materials. All these features combined make Harnbraid a showcase for the reliability of our quality and delivery. Harnbraid is easy to store and makes handling your bundles straight forward and hassle-free. If you need custom lenghts or a more lightweight stainless steel braid we have that too. That’s just the Habia way. We make it the way you want it and we deliver fast and on time.

Screening is important and choosing Harnbraid is a small way of saying that your wire bundle deserves the best.

06 December 2016

Harnbraid specifications

Find pdf with available sizes and specifications at Downloads