We are making it easier for you to work with us

At Habia, we are always thinking of new ways to better serve our customers. We need to be closer to be able to act and interact in faster and more flexible ways. To do this, we have decided to change our operational model, with start in September 2019.

In the new organization, we will make changes to the customer interface of Habia, with the primary aim to improve the communication with our customers, related to quotations, orders, and technical matters. A strong and supportive interaction is essential for the whole process, from the first initial contact to the final delivery of products that fulfil our customers specific requirements and high demands.

We will achieve this by pulling together most of our offer, design and order processing with production and delivery in our four factories: Söderfors (Sweden), Norderstedt (Germany), Lubieszyn (Poland) and Changzhou (China), while the sales presence in the geographical markets will remain.

The implementation of this new operational model will start in September 2019, and will be completed by December 31, 2020.

If you have any questions related to this change, please get in touch with us.

11 March 2019