Brexit and Habia: updated information February 2021

Habia Cable has employees, customers and suppliers in the UK and continues to conduct a significant amount of trade between the UK and the EU. On the 30 December, 2020, the EU and the United Kingdom officially signed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement which regulates trade between the two parties.

This agreement ensures that our raw materials and products can be traded duty-free between the UK and the EU and that similar regulations will apply in the two trade areas. However, as the UK is no longer part of the EU customs union, additional and changed administrative routines will apply for the trade between the UK and the EU.

Important information for Habia Cable customers in the EU

  • Habia Cable sources some raw materials from suppliers in the UK. Due to increased administration and time for customs clearance, transport from the UK to Europe may take longer than usual.
  • To help reduce the impact this has on our customers, we’ve increased our safety stocks of standard raw materials from UK suppliers, meaning most Habia Cable products that include UK raw materials should be unaffected.
  • In cases where special raw materials need to be ordered from the UK, lead times may be longer than usual.

Important information for Habia Cable customers in the UK

  • Goods entering into the UK are normally subject to VAT and this is handled either directly or by setting up a deferment account. 
  • Customs formalities and checks apply on EU goods entering into the UK. The responsibility for these formalities follows the delivery terms, but for most terms the responsibility is on the buyer. Importers can handle these formalities by themselves or authorize a broker to handle them on their behalf. Many forwarders offer this service.
  • The trade agreement between the EU and the UK allows zero customs tariffs provided the consignments meet agreed rules of origin. The seller needs to be part of the REX-system in order to be able to certify the origin of the goods for consignments above €6000 (currently £5,700). Habia Cable Production GmbH in Germany and Habia Cable Sp. z.o.o in Poland are REX-registered. Habia Cable AB in Sweden has a REX application pending. 
  • Northern Ireland is still a part of the European Customs Union. Deliveries that go directly to Northern Ireland from members of the European Union can be handled in the same way as before Brexit.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely for any further updates and developments regarding Brexit.

If you are a customer or supplier with further questions as to how Brexit may affect our business together, please contact your Habia Cable sales representative.

30 October 2020