Custom ROV cable solutions for maximum performance

Our specialists in ROV and tether cable design use their expert knowledge to develop and manufacture innovative, reliable solutions, ideal for high-quality connectivity. Built specifically for underwater applications, our hybrid cables provide superior power and signal strength in demanding subsea environments. Whether you need custom tether cables, a complete ROV cable system, or tailor-made cable connectors, our solutions can be fully customised for your specific application.


Why choose our ROV cable solutions?

Hybrid cables for superior signal strength

We have the expertise needed to design compact products with excellent resistance to water pressure and mechanical compression while maintaining high-quality connectivity and power strength.

Buoyancy by design

Fresh or saltwater? Warm or cold water? We calculate the needed cable density for best practice, no matter the nature of the environment.

Waterblocking for all applications

Cable designs for submerged use need proper waterblocking to prevent water transportation along the cable. We have a variety of options to prevent water from both entering the cable, and to keep water from transporting longitudinally inside the cable.

Custom ROV cable solutions features:

  • Fibre, CAT or coaxes for high-speed data transmission
  • Triple-extruded conductors, low to medium voltage and high current capacity
  • Thin wall design, low weight and compact water-resistant materials for supreme reliability and long operational lifespan
  • Aramid braids and ropes for anti-torsion and tensile strength – minimizing strain and stress
  • Screening and armor – we provide the best option based on the desired performance

Custom cable solutions