Creating solutions for a smarter future

At Habia, we believe everything can be better, stronger, and more effective. For over 80 years, we’ve been committed to innovation and continue to dedicate a significant amount of resources to research and development.

Our central research and development organisation is based in Sweden and includes a series of laboratories equipped with the latest instruments and technology. Our expertise lies in polymer materials and the electrical engineering of cables and harnesses, including the testing and measuring of components and finalised products. 

Industry-leading experts 

Inside our R&D labs you’ll find some of the most experienced scientists and engineers in the industry - material scientists, polymer engineers, electrical engineers and specialised designers. 

Our R&D team play a very active role in day-to-day customer operations, collaborating closely with designers across the business to create the best possible solutions for every customer. 

They spend the rest of their time discovering new methods for testing materials and properties, exploring new ways to combine materials to enhance performance, and developing entirely new solutions and materials. In addition to our central research and development organisation, you find a R&D team of interconnect specialists in our cable harness production facility in Lubieszyn, Polen.