Tough day at work? Try being a ladle car at Tata Steel.

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A ladle car or slag car is a wagon, which is used in steel foundries to collect the molten iron spatters. In Tata Steel's foundry in Jamshedpur, India, the ladle cars move 300 meters front and back from one location to another to process the steel.


The environment is extreme and the cables are exposed to radiation temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius and the occasional splash of molten steel. If a car stops for just one hour, Tata Steel loses 1000 tons of production.

Replacing cables too often

Tata Steel had trouble with the cables that power the cars. Every week they had to use silicone tape to help the cables withstand radiation, which caused unnecessary halts in production. But a bigger problem was that all the cables had to be replaced every two to three months. For a production facility of this size, the stop costs were piling up, so Tata Steel turned to Habia for a better, long-term solution.

Habiaflame with steel braid

After interacting with our Design and Technical team, we designed a cable with HFS 100 jacket, insulation of Habiaflame and a steel braid for added protection. With this design, we were confident enough to promise uninterrupted work without switching cables for at least six months.

The cables were installed on the application on October 4th 2016 and are still successfully running (July 2017). That means we are well past eight months without stopping the production. 

Now, we are gearing up to offer our solution to other ladle cars, and since all steel plants in the world use the same type, we hope to keep busy.

This custom designed Habiaflame cable is just one of the many tailor-made solutions we create at Habia. In fact, we create over 8,000 unique products every year. Contact us today to see how we can help you improve your cable and harness solutions.