Water-blocked cables

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Water-blocked cables and harnesses prevent water entering and travelling longitudinally along a cable – and damaging whatever equipment you have at the end of it. At Habia, we typically use a low-temperature, halogen-free material to fill all voids in the cable, making it virtually impossible for water to enter.


Additional materials are also wrapped around the cabled conductors and braids, which automatically swell to stop water leaking along the cable should the jacket be penetrated. Unsurprisingly, water-blocked cables are commonly found in submarines, ROVs, oil wells, and high-pressured tanks or boreholes to name a few.

Longitudinal water blocking for your exact needs

We offer a range of completely water-blocked cables which can be customised to meet your exact needs. The methods used to create a fully water-blocked cable differ depending on the required level of safety; from simpler solutions with water-blocking tapes to advanced methods where the complete cable is filled with a water-blocking compound – including the conductor itself.

Designing a cable based on your exact needs significantly reduces the cost of installation by replacing hermetic connectors with simpler penetrators.

Solutions that thrive under pressure

Once a cable is filled and void of air gaps, it also has extremely high levels of pressure resistance, making it perfect for use in deep water submarine environments. We have cables capable of withstanding up to 600 bars of pressure – meaning they can operate safely 6000 metres underwater.

Water-blocked military cable solutions

Working at the leading edge of development for VG 95218-29 cables, we’ve developed water-blocked military cables that meet some of the toughest demands in the defence industry. Whether it’s a single power core or a screened twisted pair cable, our H-GM29 cables are tested to withstand 61 bars of pressure and are fully qualified and approved to defence standards. Learn more about our water-blocked military cables.

Water-blocked cables for commercial use

Building on the work we’ve done for the defence industry, we also supply a range of BFOU and RFOU cables for commercial marine and offshore applications. These cables are designed and approved to IEC 60092-353 and IEC 60092-376, and manufactured in full compliance with the NEK TS 606 standard.

Looking for a superior water-blocked cable solution?

At Habia we’ve been developing and manufacturing custom designed cables and harnesses for over 40 years. We have a proven track record of reliable, innovative cable solutions for oil platforms, ROV’s, ships, vessels and submarines.

For more information about water-blocked cables, contact us today.