Signal cables

Available in ETFE to the NF C 93-524 specification as well as options based on the Mil-27500, and in PTFE/FEP (also to the Mil Spec.) these thin wall multicore cables offer all the excellent mechanical and chemical properties required for tough environments including military and areospace use. In addition, Habia's range of HFI 140/HFI 150 cables provides a thin wall halogen free solution.

Product data sheets

KU 06


ETFE insulated, ETFE sheathed, twisted wires and shielded multicore signal cables for 600V and 150C

Image of a 3 core cable

HFI 140 / HFI 150

HFI 140 insulated, HFI 150 sheathed, LSZH multicore signal cables for 600V and 120C



PTFE insulated, FEP sheathed multicore signal cables from 250V to 1kV and for 200C