A fully flexible microwave coaxial cable - Habiatron™

Multibend coax cable

A truely flexible alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables, Multibend™ offers very nearly the same performance as it's sister-product: Flexiform™, with the added benefit of not being limited to four or five flexes.

The best of both worlds

Multibend™ is completely flexible and therefore not limted to use in fixed/installed situations. Its flexibility eliminates the waste lengths and costly mistakes traditionally associated with having to cut semi-rigid cables to exact lengths.

Excellent performance range

With an operating frequency of up to 18 GHz, Multibend™ is able to offer a microwave solution for a much wider range of applications than are typically considered for semi-rigid cables. Typically used in antennas and cabinet systems, it can also be found everywhere from satellites to medical products.

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Product data sheet

Image of a Multibend coax

Multibend FJ

Flexible semi-rigid alternative, high temperature coaxial cables Standard coax types: - Multibend 401 FJ - Multibend 402 FJ - Multibend 402 NM FJ - Multibend 405 FJ - Multibend 405 NM FJ