Electrical screening - Harnbraid™ over-shielding

Our Harnbraid over-shielding solution is ideal for harness and cable-system manufacturers, and has many unique properties and benefits:

  • A high usable expansion ratio (minimum of 2:1)
  • Optical coverage is a minimum of 90% and a maximum of > 99%
  • Supplied over an LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) tube former which can be quickly removed and easy to apply over bundled wires
  • Available in sizes from 2.5mm up to 50mm

We can also provide custom lengths and more lightweight stainless-steel braids on request.

See the full product specifications below.

Product data sheet

Image of harnbraid on PE former


Tin and Nickel plated over-sheilding for bunched wires and cables - Harnbraid 90 (TPC) - Harnbraid 101 (TPC) - Harnbraid 103 (NPC)

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