Electrical screening - Harnbraid™ over-shielding

At Habia, we understand that cabling is only ever part of the system and sometimes cables need to be spliced, branched and incorporated into harnesses. 

Maintaining continuity

Our Harnbraid over-shielding solution is ideal for harness and cable-system manufacturers. Supplied on an LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) former, it can be easily pulled over the wires and/or cables as required to ensure that the whole harness is shielded.

Properties and benefits

Harnbraid has several advantages as a shielding solution:

  • A high usable expansion ratio (minimum of 2:1)
  • Optical coverage is a minimum of 90% and a maximum of > 99%
  • Available in sizes from 2.5mm up to 50mm
  • Available in a choice of TPC (Tin Plated Copper) or NPC (Nickel Plated Copper) for high temperature use.

We can also provide custom lengths and more lightweight stainless-steel braids on request.

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Product data sheet

Image of harnbraid on PE former


Tin and Nickel plated over-sheilding for bunched wires and cables - Harnbraid 90 (TPC) - Harnbraid 101 (TPC) - Harnbraid 103 (NPC)