Around the world in 80 days on an electric motorcycle

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Electric mobility. You might think about a certain electric car from California but this is turning out to be a global movement. During 2016 a group of 23 students from Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands completed a trip around the world on an electric motorcycle that they have designed and built from the ground up.


Their goal was to show the world that the future of mobility is electric and they did so by driving 23.000 kilometres without generating any local emissions. During their trip they were supported by the STORM Grid – local people and companies that helped with charging their battery packs using local electricity. The battery packs are the key to running the motorcycle and that's where Habia comes in.

Need high flexibilty? Try Hi-Flex.

After having tried in vain to find the right cable to connect the packs, the students turned to Habia. The challenge they faced was that the cable needed to be lightweight and flexible enough to bend a lot in a very small space. Many of the cables they tried snapped but when they tried the Habia Hi-Flex, their problems were solved.

Hi-Flex has high temperature resistance and the materials used ensure a long flex-life and reduced strain on cable terminations. Hi-Flex was the perfect fit for the STORM Battery Packs and is a power cable that is flexible in both bend and areas of use. 

Hi-Flex is just one of the many solutions we create at Habia. In fact, we create over 8,000 unique products every year. Contact us today to see how we can help you improve your cable and harness solutions.