Custom tidal power cable solutions for shallow waters

Our tidal power cable solutions are specifically designed to provide high tensile strength and torsion resistance in shallow waters. We specialise in creating cost-effective custom solutions for any need, including tailor-made turbine connectors and power cables.

Why choose our tidal power cable solutions?

Shallow water expertise

Existing off-the-shelf cable solutions are often more suited to deepwater environments, not shallow water operations. Thankfully, we’re experts in developing tailor-made solutions for shallow water applications that provide optimal performance and cost economy, however complex the installation. 

Water blocking for all applications

Cable solutions for submerged applications require full water blocking to ensure functionality and durability. We provide a variety of options to prevent water from entering cables and cable assemblies and keep it from transporting longitudinally inside the cable solution.  

An experienced development partner 

As the tidal power industry continues to evolve, we frequently test new solutions with our customers, and have extensive experience pressure-testing cable assemblies in shallow water. During the design and development phase we provide prototypes that are made in-house to ensure the end product meets all of your requirements. 

Typical tidal power cable solution features:

  • Fully water blocked with overmoulding for cables and connectors
  • Materials suitable for long-term dynamic use 
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion
  • Long operational lifespan