Our cable solutions have been powering global industry for decades, and today the industrial sector is one of our largest markets. We’ve developed thousands of custom solutions for demanding industrial applications, including wires and cables for engines, steelworks, gas turbines, medical equipment, transport, measurement equipment and sensors.

When downtime is not an option

The challenges facing the manufacturing industry today are mainly productivity and efficiency. Everything must run quickly without problems, and downtime is not an option. At Habia, we understand this. Our dedicated production facilities give us the flexibility we need to meet specific delivery requirements and allow us to provide minimum order quantities for initial testing and development. 

Our solutions are made with high-performance materials that can withstand demanding industrial environments. They offer reliable performance in temperatures from -196°C to +1525°C, and are durable enough to endure repeated stress and corrosive substances. 

Custom cable design

With an extensive range of materials to choose from there are many potential combinations for custom industrial cables – each developed with the required properties for your specific application. We’ve also developed our own specialised concepts specifically for industrial use, including fire-resistant cables, thermocouple cables and sensor cables.

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