Habia is a well-established supplier for communications cables and harnesses. Over the years we’ve built a reputation for unmatched quality and reliability, and can provide custom solutions for any application.

Reliable components for critical infrastructure 

The communications industry plays an increasingly important role in the global economy as data usage continues to surge. However, this comes with increasing pressure to provide fast, secure communications and process an unprecedented amount of network traffic.

Whether you need cables for an underwater data centre or cables for high-speed internet transmission, our solutions provide the flexibility and reliability you need. 

From sophisticated datacom networks to simple point-to-point comms 

In parallel with helping the telecom business increase connectivity speed, we’ve been supplying high quality point-to-point solutions for an endless range of devices in many areas, especially in instrumentation and control applications. 

Designing hybrid cables including Cat, fibre optics and coaxials, often with specific requirements such mechanical performance or high temperature resistance, is common for us. No matter what technology the future will bring, we’re ready to provide the right cable solutions to help keep communication flowing.