Base stations

Base stations typically house the transmit and receive equipment that makes the network function. Depending on the type of installation power supplies and climatic conditioning (heating, cooling and ventilation) may also be present.

Base Station Cable

Typically a base station will incorporate a range of cable solutions including:

  • RF interconnection
  • Power supply
  • Control of ancillary equipment

Habia Cable produce a range of standard and custom design cable solutions to meet the requirements of today's base station designs and address the considerations of:

  • Low fire propagation,
  • Smoke and toxicity
  • Ease of handling
  • Size

Cables for Base Stations

The requirement for cables to meet the UL 444 specification is becoming increasingly common.

Habia Cable supplies a wide range of standard and LS0H ( low smoke zero halogen or LSZH ) cables specially designed for use in base stations, including:

  • PTFE RG style coaxial cables
  • Speedflex, our LS0H or LSZH alternative to RG style coaxial cables
  • Speedfoam low loss LS0H or LSZH coaxial cables
  • Flexiform, the hand formable alternative to semi rigid coaxial cable
  • Multibend low loss, high frequency flexible cable
  • Flexible power cores
  • Custom designed multicore cables