Products for the antenna market

Habia Cable supplies to a wide range of antennas including Flat panel antennas for base stations, wireless local loop and wireless LAN antennas.

We give special attention to parameters critical to antenna applications:

  • Shielding efficiency
  • Phase stability
  • Passive intermodulation
  • Attenuation

Products we supply include:

  • Flexiform - hand formable alternative to semi rigid cable. Has excellent phase stability, good shielding efficiency and needs no special tooling.
  • Our new low loss Flexiform offering significant reductions in attenuation vs the standard Speedfoam. Low loss flexible cable based on a highly foamed PE dielectric.
  • RG Cables, still used in some military and TETRA antennas.
  • Multibend, low loss high frequency cable. See 'Useful links' for more.

Flexiform - the alternative to semi-rigid coaxial cables.