Application areas


  • Applications include: Gas turbines, Installation cables, Sensors, CCTV, Deck Heating cables
  • Design: NEK 606, BFOU, RFOU, Enhanced 606
  • Temperature: 70°C - 210°C


  • Applications include: High pressure subsea pumps and compressors, Sensors, Tidal turbines, ROV cables, Towing cables, Monitoring systems
  • Design: Water-blocking, Flexible, Armoured (StSt), Reinforced cables (aramid), Neutral Buoyancy, Low weight,   combinations of power fibre and airtubes in cables.
  • Temperature: 70°C - 260°C


  • Applications include: Drilling systems onshore and offshore, Artificial lift cables, Sensors systems and tools, Logging Cables
  • Design: Water-blocking, High temperature, Armoured (StSt), Reinforced cables (aramid), Mud and oil resistance
  • Temperature: 150°C - 260°C

HTMV solutions (High Temperature Medium Voltage)

  • Applications include: Subsea pumps, Downhole pumps, motors, artificial lift systems, electrically Trace Heated Pipe- In-Pipe 1kV-13,6kV
  • Design: To meet 120°C for 25 years
  • Temperature: 200°C

Splices and terminations

In all our segments we have the possibility to supply customized splices and water-blocked terminations and mouldings. All terminations can be pressure tested in-house.

  • High Pressure over-mouldings
  • Low pressure over-mouldings
  • Plasma treatment
  • Working with allmost all of the connector brands