Successful projects

Habia Cable have a varied experience throughout the nuclear industry worldwide and projects from fuel manufacturers to waste disposal. Various wire and cable solutions have been designed and manufactured for the following clients

Successes in Nuclear Industry

British Nuclear Fuels UK... Waste Processing – radiation tolerant custom design cables
COGEMA France...Vitrification Lines for high level waste – radiation tolerant multicore cables
REEL France... Overhead Crane Multicore cables
Ultra Electronics UK...Super-screened Coaxial cables for Neutron Detectors

KHNP S.Korea...Class 1E LOCA safety cables for Yanggwang
KHNP S.Korea...Class 1E LOCA safety cables for Ulchin
KHNP S.Korea...Class 1E LOCA safety Cables for Shin Kori
KHNP S.Korea...Class 1E LOCA safety Cables for Shin Wolsong

SKODA Nuclear Czech...Fire resisting cables for Temelin 2
British Energy UK...Fuel Grab multicore cables
BNFL Magnox UK...Fuel Handling Special Cables
Sellafield Ltd...Special radiation tolerant reeling cables

Tractebel Belgium...Reactor Head high temperature harness assemblies
Electrabel Belgium.. Rod position indicator multicore cables
Vattenfall Sweden...CRPI harnesses
Vattenfall Sweden...CRDM harnesses

Vattenfall Sweden. Class 1E LOCA cables
CERN Switzerland...Radiation tolerant cables
Iberdrola Spain...Cofrentes CRPI cable harness systems
Iberdrola Spain...Vandellos PLIM/PLEX cables

SCK/CEN Belgium...Dynamic cable research for high radiation tolerant cable applications
Magnox Electric UK...Umbilical cables for decommissioning
Westinghouse SRS USA...High radiation cables
Nuclear Power Corp. India...High temp radiation tolerant cables

Nuclear Power Corp. India...IEEE 383 Fire safety coaxial cables
BAE Systems UK...Reactor Class 1E LOCA cables
Nukem UK...Radiation tolerant cables for decommissioning
Borselle NPP Dynamic crane flexible multicore cables
Babcock Nuclear Ltd Custom design cables for reactor inspection
AECL Canada Radiation tolerant cables for waste processing application