Products and applications

Our custom designed cable Habiatron are designed to meet the specification. With our experience of working in the nuclear industry, we are happy to provide whatever testing and documentation is required.

Nuclear applications

The Habiatron product range includes LOCA Class 1E, non-LOCA Class 1E and non-1E control cables, instrumentation cables (incl. thermocouple cables), low voltage power cables (<1 kV), coaxial cables (including low noise and super screened cables) and data bus cables (UTP/STP). Examples of typical applications and uses inside and outside containment are control rod positioning, resistance temperature detectors, neutron flux detectors, generators, fire alarms, communication systems, reactor coolant pumps, safety valves and cameras. We also design and manufacture other special cables such as hydrogen igniter cables, pressurizer heater power cables, feed water heater drain tank cables as well as hybrid cables for fuel grab, service grab, fuelling machine hoist, transfer hoist applications etc.