LOCA safety and approvals

Our understanding and knowledge on the effects of radiation on polymers has been gained through working and learning from large organisations such as Westinghouse Electric (Sweden), BNFL (UK), CERN (Switzerland), AEA Technology (UK), SCK/CEN (Belgium) and UJV (Czech Republic). We also employ and co-operate with research institutes to prove our materials are suitable for each specific application.

Cables to Nuclear Industry approval

The Habiatron range complies with most standards established by the International Nuclear Authorities:

  • IEEE 323:1983 and 2003
  • IEEE 383:1974 and 2003
  • IEC 60780:1998
  • IEC 60331 
  • IEC 60332 
  • NFC 32070 C1 or C2 
  • IEC 60754 
  • IEC 60544

Habia Cable also holds a number of individual customer and industry approvals including the Chinese NNSA HAF 604 which allow us as one of few foreign companies to distribute safety Class 1E products to Chinese civil nuclear applications. Our Habiatron solutions can significantly extend the lifetime of the cables.