Cables fit for purpose

Our experience in the nuclear industry is strong and diverse. The range of Habiatron specialist wires and cables has been developed following considerable research and development into the unique needs of nuclear environments and naturally it incorporates all the quality, reliability, consistency and efficiency aspects which have become the hallmark of Habia Cable.

Habiatron cables are specifically designed to be 'fit-for-purpose'

We have applied our cable knowledge from applications in the management of the manufacturing of the fuel, to its long-term safe storage sites. Cable and cable systems are designed with the environment in mind, providing a solution that is 'fit for purpose'. We can also offer custom-designed solutions which are engineered to meet the most demanding nuclear applications.

With our Habiatron range of products, we now have insulation and jacketing materials with unique ageing and safety properties and by working closely with engineers and specifiers, we can supply proven materials into the World Nuclear Market.

Operational - including in the same cable not only power, control and measurement, but also air or hydraulic power and longitudinal reinforcement
Dimensional - responding to requirements in terms of minimum diameter or reduced bending radius
Safety - guaranteeing no flame propagation and non-emission of toxic gases for intrinsically safe circuits
Immunity - assuring the cable gives optimum protection against electromagnetic interference
Reliability - ensuring valid operational parameters for a given lifetime.

Dedicated team of resources

The nuclear industry is demanding in a lot of respects and understanding the industry requirements are vital to success, at Habia Cable we appreciate these requirements and has therefore allocated a team of experts under one business unit. This involves competence and responsibilities within management, sales, technical support, project management, testing and documentation services as well as quality including supplier and customer audit responsibilities etc. In principle all nuclear related activities are controlled by this business unit.

Project management

Habia Cable adopt a Lean Project Management model which enable us to focus the right resources to wherever and whenever they are needed in a development or customer project. It also means we can deliver not only a product which is fit for purpose, but also the relevant testing and documentation required.