Underground Wire and Cable Materials and Approvals for London Underground LUL Habia Cable's materials: HFI 140 and HFS 80 are all tested and approved to LUL specification 2-01001-002 for fire, smoke and toxicity (formerly E 1042).

Cables for London Underground LUL Applications

Habia Cable has made its name in the underground by offering LUL cables that are small and light-weight (giving reductions in cable-tray sizes and significant benefits for space-critical applications). This also means that you can often install our cables in existing spaces sometimes without removing old wiring; we have demonstrably reduced installation times by as much as 50%.

Our custom design ethos means we can offer genuine multicore constructions where almost any arrangement of cores and screens can be designed, all to meet the demanding requirements of Section 12 applications.

With low minimum quantities, Habia are already approved and supplying the following:

  • Alarm system cables
  • Communications cables
  • Wiring and safety cables for Escalators and Lifts
  • Lighting cables
  • SCADA systems
  • Display screen data cables
  • Signalling cables
  • Wires and cables for Sub-stations
  • RTU cables - remote ticketing unit cables
  • Trackside signal cables
  • Control cables and monitoring circuit cables