As a cable specialist in the mass transit sector, Habia continues to develop and manufacture a range of approved and custom cables to meet the challenges of 21st Century transportation.

Habia cables are smaller size and light weight

Our insulation materials are rated for higher temperatures, allowing the wires to carry a higher current than conventional cables. This means smaller cross sections can be used, enabling substantial cost and weight savings.

Approvals - national norms for specific applications

Habia has been extremely successful in following normalization of individual countries where the standards differ from international qualifications. The high level of flexibility within our factory in Söderfors, Sweden, allows us to offer a wide range of custom designed cables down to such small quantities as 100 metres in length. With all the cost advantages of low minimum order quantities and scheduled quick delivery timescales, protecting against materials shortages.

Key Market Areas:

  • Marine Control, Signal and Instrumentation
  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Rolling Stock and Railway Industry
  • Underground Rail Industry
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
  • Electric Drive Vehicles
  • Domestic and Commercial Vehicles
  • Aerospace Approved Wires

By sea

As a specialist manufacturer in high performance signal cables and control and instrument cables, Habia marine diesel engine cables have been used by a number leading diesel engine manufacturers for over 10 years.

RTFRO diesel engine cables

For installations in demanding areas such as engine and control rooms.

Standard concept designs include following:

  • power cables
  • shielded signal cables
  • thermocouple cables
  • databus cables
  • coaxial cables
  • halogen free cables

We are also able to offer marine diesel cables for different extreme applications, for example fire resistance, oil and fuel resistance or high flex-life. Hybrid cables with both copper conductors and optical fibre cable leads are available on request. We can offer special screening efficiency if required.

By land

Habia supplies specialist cables for use in every form of vehicle from heavy construction machinery, electric drive vehicles and domestic and commercial vehicles.

With cabling as diverse as sensor cable leads, battery cables and coaxial cables, and with many items IMDS listed, Habia Cable can supply:

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH or LS0H)
  • Flame Retardant (or FR) cables such as Hi-Flex ZH power cores
  • RailGuard range of wires and cables for rolling stock and railway applications

As a approved supplier to the London Underground, Habia Cable also occupies the enviable position of meeting the demanding Section 12 Underground requirements with cable tested and approved to LUL Specification: 1-085 (formerly 2-01001-002:A1). *

Habia are already approved and supplying cable that is suitable for:

  • Communications
  • Escalators and Lifts
  • Lighting
  • Signalling
  • Sub-stations
  • Jumper Cables in-between trains
  • Databus and coaxial cables
  • Custom design Screens for EMC protection

By air

From custom designed cable solution to BS 3G 210 aerospace approved wires, Habia Cable maintain our involvement in high-performance, light weight products ideal for use onboard aircraft.

Lightweight Airframe Wires and Cables

Habia Cable manufacture light and medium wall, cross-linked extruded XLETFE for airframe standard wires and cables.

  • Custom design high frequency cable solutions
  • RG coaxials and specialist custom design coaxials
  • PTFE wiring for avionics equipment
  • Flexible cables and wires
  • Screened cables for EMC solutions
  • Bespoke Airframe wires and cables