Industrial power tools

We can design, manufacture and supply a wide variety of wires and cables that are always custom designed to your individual specification. Habia Cable is the leading manufacturer of specialist cables and cable harnesses for the high end industrial power tools market. Our wires and cables have been proven in various applications and normally withstand millions of bending cycles and twists depending on application and construction of cable.

Our main focus has been in these areas, generally concentrating on:

  • Hand tools - one of the most challenging and demanding environments. We have a long and proven track record in supplying the market leaders. Requirements for the cables are normally extreme in that they will withstand millions of bending and twisting cycles without failure.
  • Fixture tools - features cables that are more semi-standard. We can offer cost effective materials such as TPS 100.
  • Torque measurement - more of a standard multicore cable from Habia Cable and most often required as a spiral cable.

A typical construction is normally cores of FPI 155 insulated conductors, signal, power, data bus, etc. and lapped or braided screens, jacketed with HFS 100 material for small size and ultimate flex life. Our custom designed industrial power tool cables can be round or in customized profile shape

Habia Cable is supplying large volume cable assemblies with in-house capability of TPR 100 polyurethane over-mouldings.

  • Cable manufacturing plants in Sweden, Germany, China & Poland.
  • Low minimum order quantity (as low as 200 meters)
  • Polyurethane over mouldings to improve mechanical performance of the cable harness
  • Habia Cable can make a pre-production tool from a turned or milled model supplied by you