Gas turbines

High temperature cables and harness assemblies for Gas turbine systems - Habia are supplying off-engine cable harnesses and high temperature cable to aero derivatives and main frame turbines.

Cable systems for gas turbines

Our cables and harness assemblies are custom designed and available in any configuration required. Low minimum order quantities are available. Habia has a proven track record in this area, especially supplying harnesses to General Electric type gas turbines. This goes back to the first delivery on harnesses to the Stena marine packages in 1993.

We have been supplying harnesses to various international customers to following GE type turbines:

LM1600 - LM2500 - LM2500 - LM5000 - LM6000

Our design of harnesses are of the field repairable type, with PTFE insulated wires and cables and normally a stainless steel armour. The benefit is the fast installation time in conjunction with the robust design. Our harnesses are designed to meet the requirements within the turbine enclosure of +205°C (+400°F) and to withstand the oils and lubricants used in turbines.

Harness connectors are normally made in stainless steel and built to the military specification MS3450 or M83723 series. Contacts are normally gold plated unless made in thermocouple materials like Chromel, Alumel, etc. and qualified to M39029 spec.

All our gas turbine cable harnesses are potted with an easily removable compound to prevent water ingress and sealed with high temperature heat shrink boots (Viton).

We welcome new enquiries to other turbine types or modifications on existing designs.


Quality & Testing - Manufacture of both cables and assemblies is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001.

All our cables are manufactured within Habia Cable production facilities and are normally made of PTFE in accordance with the appropriate sections of Customer or external standards such as GE specification M50TF 1276-S14 class B, IEC and others.

All gas turbine cables and cable assemblies manufactured by Habia Cable are fully RoHS compliant.

Harnessing capability

Gas turbine cable assemblies consist of twisted and shielded conductors that provide power and transmit signals to and from components on the engine and the local electrical interface cabinet. Connections are made by pin and socket type connectors that mate with the connectors on the engine.

In order to maintain a high degree of reliability of the total system, quality electrical connectors, contacts and backshells are used.

The following guidelines have been used:

Connector contacts

Pins and sockets meet the requirements of MIL-C-39029 and are gold plated if not made of thermocouple materials such as chromel, alumel and constantan.

Connector shells and inserts

Connector shells and inserts are environmental grade and capable of 205°Celsius continuous operation. The seals and grommets are made of fluorosilicone so as to be fuel and oil resistant. Connector shells are normally made of stainless steel, or alternative material specified by the customer.

All connectors are rear-release design that is considered to be superior in high vibration applications. Connectors commonly used for gas turbine applications are of the MIL-C-83723 series III and MIL-C-5015 Rev. G. (M83723/95, /96, /85 /86 and MS 3459, MS3450.)

Connector backshell accessories

Normally stainless steel backshells are used, providing mechanical and 360° electrical bonding of metal outer over braid. These backshells are selected to fit the connector accessory threads, as well as the cable bundle diameter.

All backshells are potted to prevent water ingress. Materials normally used for this purpose are compatible with the environment and easily removed if connector rework or modification is required. The cable end of the back shell is covered with a high temperature heat shrink boot overmould.