Speedfoam coaxial cable

The Speedfoam coaxial cable range fulfills some of the most demanding RF interconnect specifications; combining a low-loss dielectric with exceptional levels of screening effectiveness in a product that is engineered to provide a halogen free (Low Smoke Zero Halogen - LSZH) solution.

Class leading performance

Speedfoam uses the same foaming technology used in the Speedflex range, however with higher foaming rates, Speedfoam offers the lowest attenuation values of any coaxial manufactured by Habia Cable.  Dimensionally in line with other products in its sector of the market, all Speedfoam products use flame retardant outer sheaths ensuring the widest possible compatibility with existing cable systems.

Extra flexibility

Stranded conductors and a rugged, flexible outer jacket give Speedfoam F types an advantage in environments where movement and vibration are too severe for the standard, solid conductor versions.

Certified product

With adherance to the demands of UL 758, AWM Style 1375, Habia is able to certify Speedfoam UL cables for use in markets where a third-party approval is required.

Enhanced performance

Through the process of electron-beam irradiation, Speedfoam XL types offer additional temperature stability and a general improvement of the mechanical properties.

Product data sheets

Image of a Speedfoam coax

Speedfoam HFJ

HFI 90 L dielectric, HFS 80 T sheathed low-loss coaxials, LSZH Coax types: - Speedfoam 195 HFJ - Speedfoam 200 HFJ - Speedfoam 240 HFJ - Speedfoam 300 HFJ - Speedfoam 400 HFJ - Speedfoam 500 HFJ - Speedfoam 600 HFJ

Image of a Speedfoam coax

Speedfoam F

HFI 90 L dielectric, HFS 100 sheathed low-loss coaxials, flexible and halogen free Coax types: - Speedfoam 240 F - Speedfoam 400 F

Image of a Speedfoam coax

Speedfoam UL

HFI 90 L dielectric, HFS 80 T sheathed low-loss coaxials, certified to UL AWM Style 1375 Coax types: - Speedfoam 195 UL - Speedfoam 200 UL - Speedfoam 240 UL - Speedfoam 300 UL - Speedfoam 400 UL - Speedfoam 500 UL

Image of a Speedfoam coax

Speedfoam XL

HFI 90 L XL dielectric, HFS 105 XL B sheathed low-loss coaxials, LSZH, ruggedized Coax types: - Speedfoam 195 XL - Speedfoam 200 XL - Speedfoam 240 XL - Speedfoam 300 XL - Speedfoam 400 XL - Speedfoam 500 XL