External factors such as high and low end temperature exposure, vibration and movement, oil, fuel and water immersion and even radiation all influence a cable’s overall performance. With five distinct concepts of Habiasense cable, each with its own strengths and benefits: the HT range provides high temperature and chemical resistance while the ZH types are more suited to general industry and populated areas.

Product data sheets

Image of a cable


PTFE / PFA cables, +260C

Image of a cable


FEP / FEP cables, +180C

Image of a cable


ETFE / ETFE cables, +150C

Image of a cable


HFI 147 / HFS 125 XL cables, +125C

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TPS 130 / HFS 100 cables, +90C

We can modify our materials to help a system pass ATEX requirements:

ATEX Category 1 (long / frequent exposure)

Zone 0 (Gas)
Zone 20 (Dust)

ATEX Category 2 (occasional exposure)

Zone 1 (Gas)
Zone 21 (Dust)

ATEX Category 3 (short exposure)

Zone 2 (Gas)
Zone 22 (Dust)