The Habiaflame concept family of wires and custom design cables is intended for use in extreme environments where high temperature (peak temperature of 1565°C) and mechanical resistance are critical. From its original purpose of withstanding the rigours of steel production, the product range has found many uses within safety critical systems as it can continue to operate throughout a fire. Ideal for use in emergency systems and for a variety of applications in heavy industry. The latest addition to the product range, the RVH concept, improves upon the original with a completely halogen free solution.

Product data sheets

Image of an RV core


Fire resisting cores tested to IEC 60331-21 & IEC 60331-31

Image of an RVH core


Fire resisting cores tested to IEC 60331-21 & IEC 60331-31


Habiaflame wires and cables have been tested and approved to the following fire and flame performance standards:

  • IEC 60331-31 – flame with impact at 830°C for 120 minutes
  • IEC 60331-21 – flame at 750°C for 90 minutes
  • IEC 60332-3-24 Cat C – flame propagation
  • BS 6387:1994 W clause 

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