Custom design

Custom designed cables and Cable Systems

Habia Cable specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance, custom design cables and cable systems. Each aspect of the conductor, screen, insulation and jacket can be made to specific, bespoke requirements. With over 30 standard insulation and jacket materials, and a wide range of approvals and manufacturing capabilities, we will work with your engineers to design and produce custom wire and cable to suit your application and budget.

Image of a cable with conductor highlighted


Also known as the wire or the core. Many types are available on request, but the standard types available from Habia are: - Tin Plated Copper (TPC) - Silver Plated Copper (SPC) - Nickel Plated Copper (NPC) - Silver High Strength Alloy (HSA)

Image of a cable with insulation highlighted


Providing electrical isolation between conductors, Habia Cable offers a few options: - Fluoropolymer Insulation (FPI) - Halogen Free Insulation (HFI) - Melt Processable Rubber (MPR) - Silicone insulation (Si) - Tape Wrapped Insulation (TWI)

Image of a cable with cabling highlighted


Cabling (or twisting) the cores together improves cable flexibility and flex-life, as well as keeping cores / pairs together electrically. Un-twisted flat cables are also available on request.

Image of a cable with fillers and tapes highlighted

Tapes (binders) and fillers

Allowing the components of the cable to move, flex and fit together more easily.

Image of a cable with braid highlighted

Shielding / Screening

Applied to reduce electrical interference from the surrounding environment, or from other components within the cable itself. - Braided screens - Foils - Lapped (served/spiralled) screens - Stainless steel armouring

Image of a cable with jacket highlighted

Sheathing / Jacketing

Providing mechanical protection for the insulated cores within, Habia Cable offers a few options: - Fluoropolymer (FPI) - Halogen Free Sheath (HFS) - Melt Processable Rubber (MPR) - Silicone (Si) - Thermoplastic Sheath (TPS) - Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Image of a cable

Finished cables

Habia Cable's range of finished cables include: - Coaxial cables (coaxes) - Data pairs - Power cores - Signal cores - Modified single wires - Composite / hybrid cables incorporating tubes, strain wires, thermocouples, fibre optics and many other specialist components.